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Mark hose assembly with pressure from this chart or hose working pressure, whichever is lower all pressure recommendations are in pounds per square inch (PSI).

  1. This chart is intended as a guide only. It only applies to metal couplings as shown, for ambient temperature (70°F) applications with true I.D. hose. It assumes new Dixon supplied couplings, new Dixon supplied clamps, new quality hose and proper installation by a qualified assembler using Dixon procedures and equipment.

    Temperature can affect the coupling retention. For questions relating to temperatures other than ambient (70°F) contact the hose manufacturer or Dixon at 800-355-1991.

  2. This chart does not apply to non-Dixon products, with used hose, in non-approved or unsupported applications or in non-standard assemblies.

  3. Do not use this chart if it conflicts with the hose manufacturer's recommendations.

  4. All hose assemblies should be pressure tested to hose manufacturers or Rubber Manufacturers Association (R.M.A.) specifications prior to being put into service.

  5. Our test experience indicates that coupling retention can vary with changes in hose design. For pressure ratings other than those listed and shown, or if questions arise, please call Dixon Group Canada Limited at 877-963-4966 for assistance.

  6. All hose assembly components must be compatible with the materials and environments with which they are to come in contact.

  7. Dixon recommends that all hose assemblies be marked with the assembly working pressure and media of the intended application. Under no circumstances should the assembly working pressure exceed the working pressure of the lowest rated component (coupling, clamp, ferrule or hose).

  8. For additional safety information contact Dixon at 800-355-1991.

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